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    Hi, I was looking for a center that would offer quality, clean and friendly service for a very long time. I reached the Massari Esthetic Beauty Center. From the moment of speaking by phone, I understood that they are not sales-oriented but service-oriented. They made an appointment for hair analysis. Aysel who I learned to be an expert and master instructor made my analysis with her smiling face and professionalism as of the first moment. they made it clear that they would not be able to do hair removal to areas that were not suitable, even though I wanted so much. A very honest, disciplined business. 1.5 months since I started processing spills super. especially Aysel, thank you to the whole team.

    I had taken a regional slimming Massari Esthetic told me that you can examine 2 bodies in 1 month but I have seen 2 bodies before 1 month.

    -Hello. I came to Massari aesthetics for both hair removal and thinning. I got very positive results in a very short time. Both quality service and very successful results. Dilek is especially interested in me and she is both a guler faced and an expert in her business. I’m so glad you’re great!


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