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    Regional Slimming
    We need to take care of ourselves in every sense for a healthy life, but this is not always possible and we feel the need for regional slimming. There are many beauty salons around Beylikdüzü in Istanbul to help you with this.
    Experts want a healthy person to know their ideal weight and act accordingly. If the person is under the desired weight, which is not very common, especially at the scale of our country, at least it may seem older, more tired than it is, but being overweight also has the following disadvantages:

    A person’s mobility is limited.
    There is a complete problem with the clothes.
    Being overweight in general public judgments doesn’t look nice.
    Causes health problems such as diabetes
    Invites heart disease and kidney problems
    Based on all of these, it is important to keep a person’s weight in accordance with the mass index, but sometimes people can gain weight for the following reasons:

    Excess fat, fast food pastry consumption
    Failure to recover excess weight during pregnancy
    Genetic factors
    Irregular nutrition
    Irregular life
    All of this prevents people from being in their ideal weight, but these pounds can occur at certain points in the body. For example, belly, basin, such as regional weight gain situations can occur. In such cases, even if the person is very weak with the belly can come up.

    Regional weight gain is an excess of fat that accumulates in a particular part of the body and can be clustered at certain points depending on the person’s metabolism.

    It is precisely at this point that regional slimming practices need to be tailor-made under the control of a specialist dietitian in accordance with one’s own body structure.

    In this regard, after the body is examined for the problem of the person at Ankara Red Crescent beauty salon points, a personalized regional slimming plan is prepared and a regional slimming program is applied in accordance with the sessions.

    As the regional weakening is personal, the figures are also personal and the price of the company is determined by the total session duration and the price policy of the firm.

    Before specifying regional weight loss methods, it is important to remind the following point. The methods alone are not enough. Eliminating the factors that cause this situation to occur again, applying the diet program given to him by the beauty salon, doing the sport that is determined to be the most suitable for him and other aspects of the work gives a lasting and effective result.

    Now, if you take a look at the methods applied by the beauty salon centers in the vicinity of Beylikduzu on the scale of Istanbul, the following can be said:

    In regional weaknesses, basically two types of methods are applied. These are invasive (non-invasive, surgical) and non-invasive (non-invasive).

    In beauty salons, if there is no aesthetic specialist in their body, the second method is non-surgical applications.

    Here, too, there are many different applications and new methods are being added with the advancement of technology.

    Both types of applications are:

    Interventional (surgical) methods: Liposuction, laser lipolysis, mesotherapy.

    Non-invasive methods: Pressotherapy, lymph drainage massage, ozone sauna, infrared, cavitation, cryolipolysis.

    Some of these applications can be applied to a certain part of the body and others to all regions. Depending on the type of application, the differences also occur in the sessions.

    To give information about some of these methods, ozone sauna is a form of ozone sauna application we know.

    Liposuction: It is the removal of fats from the body in a single session directly by a plastic surgeon.

    Cavitation: It is a shock wave method that brings a new breath to regional slimming treatment. After the procedure, fat cells turn into free fatty acids and are consumed as energy by the body. With the application, the result is permanent as the fat cells lose their fat holding quality.

    Lipolysis: It is a mechanism related to the deformation and elimination of fat cells or the removal of fat by increasing the permeability of the cell membrane.

    Mesotherapy: It is a special regional slimming method that can be applied to people of all ages.

    Lymph Drainage: Regional slimming is a special method applied for body tightening.

    Pressotherapy: It is a versatile drainage application that activates the circulatory system, removes excess fluid, fat and toxins accumulated in the body, increases cellulite treatment, regional slimming and body tightening applications.

    Finally, the primary purpose of regional weakening is not weight reduction.