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  • Needle Hair Removal

    It is a method that must be studied meticulously in the application technique in needle epilation. A thin sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle to produce a very low current electrical stimulus. After this, in a successful application, the hair comes as soon as it is pulled. In the application area redness, puffiness, small crusting, sometimes lasting 1-2 days is observed. Needle hair removal is an application that requires expertise and mastery. In this method, a thin and soft needle is inserted into the hair root and a weak electrical current is applied. Thus, a permanent solution is provided by destroying the hair roots. The number of sessions to be applied is determined by the time, structure, color and density of the hairs.

    The needles used must be sterile and personalized. The needle is inserted parallel to the hair follicle and current is given. If the current is cut before removing the needle, the hair follicle is easily destroyed if the follicle is destroyed. Slight puffiness or redness of the skin may occur. Although very careful work, slight redness is normal.

    The rate of 100% immediate application is low. Because not all hairs are active in the reproductive period. Active hair growth is more easily destroyed. Needle hair removal cannot be performed on patients with common varicose veins, pacemakers, pregnant women, diabetics, patients with active infection, cancer, psoriasis, skin disease with vitiligo, skinning, and contagious diseases such as AIDS and syphilis.