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  • Ice Laser Removal

    Ice Laser is the most painless, fastest and latest technology of epilation and laser hair removal applications. It operates with a diode laser technology at a wavelength of 810 nm. Ice Laser technology with the comfort of hot stone massage and very short sessions can be applied.

    How to Apply Ice Laser?

    Ice Laser epilation uses a gradual heating method that effectively destroys the hair follicles and prevents damage to the surrounding skin, eliminating the risk of skin burns. In this patented in-Motion ™ technique, where the treatment head is moved continuously as if ironing, the bristle root is gradually heated.

    The gradual heating allows a higher energy level to be achieved, especially for thin and light bristles. Feeling like a massage, the Ice Laser ™ offers extremely comfortable hair removal. It prevents unwanted results such as zebra lines that may occur in conventional laser epilation methods. The contact cooling system, which cools the skin like ice during application, also allows for an almost painless epilation.

    ICE Technology / Ice Laser

    Ice Laser features ICE ™ Technology that effectively cools the skin for a long time during application. Ice The cold sapphire tip in the head of the laser device cools and soothes the skin during application. The sapphire tip is ice-cold when in contact with the skin and cools the skin to -3 ° C. This contact cooling system improves patient comfort, making applications more comfortable and enjoyable than ever, minimizing the risk of side effects. Eliminates the risk of burns and blemishes on the skin.