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  • Brow Blow

    How to Make Eyebrow Contours

    Provides exceptional service on eyebrow contours ür Everyone needs a different eyebrow contour application according to their facial expression, contours and needs. Therefore, the eyebrow contour process starts with the detection of the most suitable eyebrow model. The model determined in the ten drawings is then applied to the face by hair and 3D drawing technique. With fine coloring, muscles gain a natural look.
    Drawing during eyebrow contour application is completely painless. The procedure time varies between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the eyebrow density to be applied. There is no difference to make-up. Twenty days after the procedure is completed, the finishing touches are completed and the muscles become ideal. The duration of use is between 6 months and two years considering the user’s structural characteristics and living conditions. In this period, you can live your life without limiting ourselves.

    How is medical skin care done?

    Classic skin cleansing starts with facial cleansing. After softening the skin with steam, the skin needs nutritional supplementation and skin care is continued according to need.