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    Being a woman is the most natural gift of feeling the freedom in your body and soul. Every woman has the right to indulge in this unique gift that nature offers. Women who create their own style and destroy traditional beauty as they wish, go with Veet on the shortest path to feeling perfect. When you decide that you want to complete your natural beauty with a good care and get your hairs, Veet Ready-to-use Sir Wax Bands offers you an easy and modern method of getting hair. The wax is always one step ahead with its long-lasting effect than other hair removal methods, easy application and weakening of the hair follicles. Moreover, in urban life where time is flowing fast, women can easily do hair removal in a very short time from home comfort with sir wax bands instead of long-lasting traditional waxing applications. You can get rid of your feathers in a very short time in the comfort of home with the advanced waxing bands and correct waxing techniques that have the effect of increasing the hair growth time. 

    What is Sugaring?
    In addition to its ease of application, it is one of the most popular products among hair removal methods with its formula that nourishes your skin, not hair follicles. The word “sir dı, named after it, is derived from the Italian word“ cere mum, which means wax, wax, and is quite different from traditional pine gum waxing. This natural mixture made from pine tree resins and made ready for use with vegetable oils offers a hygienic and healthy application without damaging the skin as it is completely herbal. Unlike traditional wax, sir wax, which refreshes your skin at the same time while getting rid of unwanted hair, does not contain sugar and weakens the hair roots.


    What are the types of sugaring?
    Women who determine beauty and care trends according to their own mood and inner voice, listen to the sound of their skin when it comes to waxing. Deep cleansing of your skin from the dead skin cleansing sir wax, so it is produced with special formulas compatible with different skin types. Veet’s wax bands for all skin types are designed to feel the softness of Shea butter and the pleasant smell of red fruits on your skin. The perfect combination of almond oil and St. John’s Wort extract, which treats sensitive skin, ensures that even the first waxing experience is effortless and non-irritating. Veet Sir Waxing Bands, which are specially formulated for legs, arms, armpits, bikinis and face areas, can choose the one that suits different parts of your body and you can easily reach perfect results.