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  • Salmon dna

    What is salmon dna vaccine?
    It is a new, safe and proven treatment type consisting of amino acid polynucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA obtained from salmon. These polynucleotides are completely natural and form the content of our DNA, which is the key to vitality and renewal at the cellular level. The salmon DNA vaccine is a skin resurfacing vaccine in which these polynucleotides are enriched with hyaluronic acid.

    It is a kind of mesotherapy.

    What are the effects on the skin?
    Over the years, our skin loses moisture, collagen content and quality simultaneously.

    We monitor the effects of this tissue damage in several ways;
    – Loss of smooth texture of skin
    – Stain development, growth in pores and increase in numbers
    – Color tone inequalities
    – Loss of elasticity, skin looseness and sagging

    What the cells need to take all these effects back is moisture.
    and activation of cellular regeneration.
    While salmon DNA vaccine feeds the moisture we need under the skin with hyaluronic acid,
    It performs cellular regeneration by the effect of polynucleotides in accordance with our DNA.

    Visible effects;
    – Smoother skin
    – Color tone uniformity
    – More taut and firmer skin appearance
    – Vivid and bright appearance due to increased humidity